Welcome to my new beads blog!
I was first intrigued by beaded jewelery on my wedding day (believe it or not …).
I had an amazing set of necklace of bracelet, which unfortunately were borrowed so I had to return them. I couldn’t resist the bracelet thought, and decided to buy it as a keepsake.
I promised myself that one day I’ll buy beads and learn how to recreate the necklace.
5 years passed since then and I found a great site for learning how to bead jewelery. I learned a lot from reading many of those sites and became fascinated with this world.
I started to make simple jewelery, and I now have enough knowledge to recreate my wedding necklace. I still need to find the proper beads, but meanwhile I enjoy practicing on different jewlery on the way …
Follow my blog to see how I’m progressing with this new world I discovered …

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