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My new Etsy shop!

Finally took the plunge and opened my own Etsy shop! Right now it doesn’t have many items, but I plan to add them one by one during the weekend.
What do you think of the shop? Did I do a good job? Maybe you’ll “heart” one of the items?
The shop is at
I even created a banner for it (same one you see in the blog now).

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2 thoughts on “My new Etsy shop!”

  1. Congrats on your shop and welcome to Etsy! I "hearted" your shop. I would suggest showing your items worn so people can see what they would look like if they were wearing them. Take a few different angle shots and maybe a close-up one for interest. Be sure the first photo shows all of the item. The spiral earrings are my fav 🙂

    I would love the opportunity to be featured on your blog. My information is:

    Genea Crivello-Knable
    Genea Beads directs you to Etsy)

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