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Feature review – Marina

Marina’s Etsy shop is allabout crochet beaded necklaces. All her necklaces and lariats are perfect indetails with gorgeous colors matching. I love her creations, and was happy whenshe joined me in the “Handmade with Love” giveaway I hosted lastmonth on my blog.
I interviewed Marina to learn more abouther shop. Enjoy! 
Tell us a little bit moreabout yourself …
I am in love in craftssince I can remember. My mother taught me to crochet at age 5; at age 7 I wasaccepted to art school in my hometown, Minsk. Luckily for me, this schooltaught not only draw and paint, but folk arts like weaving and tapestry, workingwith clay, pottery, weaving from straw and many others. There, in the school, Imet one of the best teachers I know out – my tapestry teacher, MargaritaShemeleva.
I always have enjoyedcreating and learning new techniques and crafts.
After the school, Istarted to study engineering and computers, not so close to handmade, but Ialways was crocheting or painting just for pleasure and relaxing.

When did you first startmaking jewelry?
As I told earlier, Itried many types of handmade crafts before. In fact, I discovered beads at age16, when I learned in boarding school. All the girls were making to each othersome kind of “Friendship bracelet” using Chinese cheap beads and verybasic techniques.
A few years ago, Idiscovered a whole world of amazing bead creations, and I’m “hooked”since

What is your favoritepiece of jewelry (that you made)?
My favorite piece is the”Sunshine Lariat” (pictured on the left). As I wrote in the description, it looks like thelariat was absorbed the rays of sun and now glows from inside.

What’s your favoritematerial/technique to work with?
My favorite technique isbeaded crochet. With this technique you can create stunning necklaces, as faras your imagination can take you.

What do you like/dislikeabout selling jewelry online?
Unfortunately, I’mnot so talented as a photographer, so it is very hard for mepass to the viewers a beauty of the shining jewelry on the photo. Thisis definitely a significant difficulty in selling online.

Any tips for new artisansjust starting to sell online?

Get good photos 🙂

How can people contactyou? (twitter/blog/shop/email etc.)
You can find me on myblog: levymarina.blogspot.com, my crochet Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LevyMarina oron my second Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CreatedByMarina
Thank you Marina, it was a pleasure to feature your work!
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