Will & Kate vs. Cinderella & Prince Charming …

This is way off topic but I had to write about this one …
There’s this very funny image going around the net regarding Prince William and Kate’s wedding, if you haven’t seen it yet – here it is:

Funny, right??
You probably think – how amazing! The colors of the clothes are exactly the same as in Disney’s Cinderella movie!!!
Well …..

Being a Disney fan myself and a Photoshop addict, I had to search and find out if these images are real.
Sorry to disappoint some of you, but the Disney images from the movie were edited and the colors were changed to fit the recent royal wedding …
Here are the original images from Cinderella:

A bit disappointing? I don’t know … I still think the image on top is so funny, and even if the colors were changed, it’s still a good joke
Just to show you what can be done in Photoshop …
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3 thoughts on “Will & Kate vs. Cinderella & Prince Charming …”

  1. I really belived it was true! Great post…you had me at first, but I love this any way! Too funny!! 😛

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