Today’s featured shop is Adorie’s Etsy shop, which is very unique. Adorie sews different things – purses, children’s hats, purses and more. She also makes Civil War reenacting clothes. Her items are very special, and I fell in love with them. I was happy when she agreed to join me in the “Blog Bash 2011” giveaway next week on my blog.
Here’s my interview with Adorie. Enjoy! 
Tell us a little bit more about yourself …
I have been sewing for more than 40 years. God has blessed me with this talent and many others. Because of that, I also enjoy teaching others how to sew and to do the many other crafts that I enjoy.

When did you first start making crafts and sewing?
I started sewing by hand at 6 years old  and, I had my own sewing machine at 12 years old and was making most of my own clothes.

What is your favorite piece of creation (that you made)?
Favorite, not sure about that I have a lot of them, the most recent in my All-in-one Wristlet that is the most difficult thing I can think of and I also make Civil War Reenacting clothes.
What is your inspiration?
My inspiration would have to be my Mother, she has sewn my whole life. What I like about selling online is, that it is easy and I never have to leave home.

What do you like/dislike about selling online?
What I like about selling online is, that it is easy and I never have to leave home. What I don’t like about selling online is, I never get to meet or talk to the customer in person.

Any tips for new artisans just starting to sell online?
If you are a new artisan online don’t give up and post a lot, it is so important to keep your name on top of the list.

How can people contact you? (twitter/blog/shop/email etc.)
Last words for our readers?
I give God all the Glory for all that I have done in life and all the gifts he has given me hope you have a Blessed Day.
Thank you Adorie, it was a pleasure to feature your work!
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2 Responses to Blog Bash sponsor spotlight: Adorie Designs

  1. Night Owls Perch says:

    There are some BEAUTIFUL items in the shop. 🙂

  2. Roni says:

    I know, it's so unique! I really do love her stuff

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