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Giveaways: Go international!!

Since I’m currently on maternity leave and my baby boy is a VERY quiet and easy baby, I find myself with some free time at home, so I explored the world of giveaways in depth.

It’s fun to enter giveaways for a chance to win something fun. I already won a necklace, bracelet, earrings, small purse and some bath products.

Since I’m not from the US, I can only enter international giveaways obviously.

However, I notice more and more often that some giveaways are only open for US residents for no apparant reason. I’m talking mainly about gift certificates. Amazon gift certificates, for example.

These GC’s are sent by email, and since Amazon ships worldwide I just don’t understand why these giveaways are closed for international readers as well?!?! I contacted a few webmasters lately to try to understand but their replies were mainly “well, I don’t really know … I’ll think about it for the next giveaway … “. Some even said that the majority of their readers are from US.

I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that’s true. Of course I don’t have statistics to back this up … but people have to understand that USA is not the only country where there’s internet … and most likely international readers simply stay away from giveaways sites which are only open for US, so it seems like most of these blogs’ “loyal readers” are from the US.

When I host a giveaway on my site, I try my best to convince the sponsor(s) to open it WW. With shipping costs it’s not always possible, but I do my best. Gift certificates, however, have no excuse …

I say: “Hosting a giveaway?? Go international!!”

Maybe I should start a campaign or something … I can have a banner which can be displayed on supporting blogs … or maybe a giveaway event open only for international readers?

Hmmm ….

Could be interesting. Or maybe I’m just babbling and tired from a long day with a baby whose teeth are coming out …

Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts

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8 thoughts on “Giveaways: Go international!!”

  1. I know how you feel because I also live outside US. And I am a SAHM and I just spend my free time on net when my daughter takes a nap or she`s busy with her own world.
    Your idea sounds good.

    1. Why wouldn’t I? Take a look at all the giveaways I hosted, almost all of them were open WW

  2. As I’m an international reader, I highly support this idea! 🙂 Of course, there are companies who don’t ship overseas, I do understand that. Also that when somebody compiles a giveaway on their wn, and they have no money for shipping. But when it comes to Amazon, Apothica etc. giveaways, that kinda bugs me, too. I think the thing to be changed is the attitude of the bloggers… people need to understand that there are other countries than their own (and people from all over the world can have access to the blogs) and that some of their readers speak the language they’re writing in well doesn’t mean that they are native speakers :D.

  3. Agreed! Ever since I started joining giveaways, it frustrates me whenever a certain giveaway is just for US and/or Canada residents especially when the prize is an Amazon GC or PayPal cash. I live in Asia and I have no other choice nut to find giveaways that are open internationally.

    My giveaway and review blog is going up next week. I am totally joining your next event!

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