I finally decided to move the blog to my own domain and use WordPress instead of Blogger!
It’s a bit scary but hopefully it will go smooth without any problems.

So step #1 in the move was to buy my own domain, which I did … the whole procedure was very quick and within 1 hour the DNS servers were already updated and the domain is working properly.

Right now there’s only a “welcome!” page, but stay tuned …

Oh, yeah, forgot to say: the new domain is http://www.beadsbyroni.com/

I’m so excited …

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3 Responses to Moving to WordPress, Step #1: A new domain …

  1. Krishenka says:

    wishing you luck on the change over and glad it's going smoothly I think it would scare me witless to attempt that

  2. Mary Morris says:

    Congratulations Roni, You must be so excited.

  3. Angela says:

    Congratulations on your switch. I hope all works out for you. You can visit my blog site at wordpress. I’m new to blogging and I’m trying to gain more visitors. Thanks!


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