October is here next week, and I’m so excited on hosting *2* giveaway events!!

#1 – The “Go international!” giveaway event I’m hosting on October 1-10 – blogs joining together in a giveaway event, each blog hosting its own giveaway. All giveaways in this event are open worldwide.

I’m really excited about this event!
I know it’s not a huge one with 150 blogs like some events are lately (currently there are 24 blogs participating), but it’s an event with a cause. I would really love it if it made a difference somewhere. It’s not only about giveaways being open to the public, but also acknowledging other people from around the globe. Not everyone is from the US, and the giveaways adventure should be more open to the public.
You can still sign up for this event!
#2 – “Fall Fashionista” giveaway event on October 14-19 – a fashion only giveaway event (all giveaway prizes have to with fashion, jewelry, accessories etc.).
If you’re interested in sponsoring one of these events, take a look at the sponsorship packages here.
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