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Are you following me? A GFC tip …

Any site who runs giveaways knows this problem – one of the entries is usually to follow the blog via GFC (Google Friends Connect). But when it’s time to pick the winner and validate his/her entries – how can you easily find out if the person really does follow you on GFC?

Clicking through the list of followers is great for people who don’t really have anything else to do in their life … 🙂

So here’s a much simpler way of doing this:

  • Login to your GFC account at
  • Make sure to select the correct blog (if you here several)
  • Under “Overview”, click on “Review community data”
  • Choose the “Export community” tab and click on “All interest data (CSV)”
  • A file called export.csv will be saved on your computer. You can open this file with Excel and simply search (ctrl+f) the username you want to check

Easy, right? Have fun on your next giveaway!

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