I got a new handbag!

Last week was my birthday so my husband and I went to a nice handbag store and I bought a new black shiny leather handbag, along with a new silver shiny leather purse. I love them both, I feel so chick with them!

I have to say that I’m usually not a handbag freak, I’m not familiar with the latest trends and designers, I just like what I like …

However, I was a bit curious to see what other handbag designs there are, so I scrolled around the internet and found very cute handbags featured in amazing websites such as Bluefly, Handbag Heaven and even Amazon.

There are so many designs, I feel like such a newbie …

I had to show you some of my favorite designs that I found:

In Bluefly there are Fendi handbags which are both stylish and fitting for everyday use. They are very classic and clean. My favorite is the deep brown roman leather triple compartment tote:

BTW, Bluefly doesn’t carry only handbags but also shoes and accessories for both women and men (see their Fendi items, for example).

More from Bluefly – an adorable Prada handbag (picture below) and lots of cute Jimmy Choo Pumps and High Heels (I know they’re not handbags, but they’re sooo cute!)

Handbag Heaven also has unique handbags, like this one:

More handbags can be found at Amazon’s handbag section.

Happy shopping!

*This was a sponsored post.The opinions and text are completely my own based on my experience.

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