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Moving to WordPress – step #4: I made the move!!

As you probably see, the blog has now moved officially to its new location at!


I was able to keep all my email subscribers


kept all the posts and comments


all links to the previous blog posts are now being automatically redirected to their new location on! Isn’t that cool???

Also, this is the first post I’m writing in WordPress, so I’m really excited! To show off my excitement, I’ll have a giveaway real soon …

The redirection was easy after I found a cool plugin that works great, called “SEO Blogger to WordPress”. You can see its installation direction here:

I’m so glad I found this plugin, I’ve been searching for 2 days for an easy way to redirect blogger links to wordpress that didn’t include lots of editing, and this tutorial really helped.

Of course I also imported the entire blogger blog to wordpress using the “Import Blogger” tool which was super easy.

I’m still working on the layout, colors and design (don’t forget I won the blog makeover contest so I’m looking forward to a great new layout…) but for now the blog is active.






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