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Goodbye GFC, hello Google+ !

Recently Google announced that GFC (Google Friends Connect) will not be available soon for non-Blogger websites. This means “Goodbye GFC!” for this site, and “Hello Google+ !”.

Google+ is the social network that Google are trying to promote.

Basically this means all the GFC followers I had in this site are gone 🙁

Now I have to rebuild my followers using Google+. Why is there no importer for this??

Anyway …

Please please please add me to your circle so I can build this site popularity again!!!

Just click on the “Add to circle” button on the left, at the “WE’RE ON GOOGLE PLUS!” section …

Thank you!!!!

I love you all and I have a very special giveaway planned for you this week, so stay tuned …

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4 thoughts on “Goodbye GFC, hello Google+ !”

  1. I hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!

    I am also hosting a giveaway! a one of a kind feather hair accessory, by The Gray Deer ($16 worth/USA Residents only)!

  2. I am a GFC follower, and your blog posts still show up… I would like to unfollow you via GFC and follow you on GOOGLE PLUS. Could you please put the widget back up? Or is it already gone for good?

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