2011 in numbers …

2011 is over, and I’ve had a busy year! I did plan to celebrate new year’s eve with watching a good movie on TV (that’s how it is with 2 young children …) but ended up trying to calm down a crying baby with 3 teeth coming out :-p

Oh well … He was very cute even when he cried for 3 hours 🙂

I made a summary of the past year in both my personal and “bloggy” life:

  • 1 new baby (brother to our 5yo son)
  • 1 trip to Switzerland (that was fun!)
  • 15 winners in 5 giveaway events
  • 6 winner in 6 solo giveaways
  • Over 1500$ in prizes given away in all giveaways (that’s a lot!!!)
  • 21 artists and shops featured here
  • 10 new jewelry pieces made by me (not a lot, huh? Well, I was pregnant and with a newborn most of the year … not much free time 🙂 )
  • 7 Etsy+DaWanda sales (not much as well … should work harder on this maybe …)
  • 1 ArtFire shop closed (due to changed in ArtFire rates)
  • 9 giveaways I won on other sites (now that’s fun …)
  • 1 new domain (and a switch from Blogger to WordPress)
  • 87 new blog posts

All in all, it was a good year. Here are my next year’s resolution:

  • Spend more time with family travelling and having fun (Switzerland was really great!)
  • Make more jewelry (at my so-called free time …) and showcase them here
  • Add more feature and produce reviews
  • More giveaways of course …
  • Expand my new Google+ circle
  • Find something creative to do with the sea glass I found a few months ago …
What are your resolutions for 2012? How did you celebrate new year’s eve?
I would love to hear form you in the comments section.

Happy new year everybody!! 

Happy New Year

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