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My new obsession: Pinterest

I found Pinterest a few weeks ago, and I can officially say I’m an addict!

If you never heard about it, the easiest way to describe it is “an online bookmark manager with pictures”. Basically …

I follow so many food boards I can hardly keep track of all the gorgeous looking dishes out there! I also have my eyes set on jewelry and DIY boards, and have a few boards of my own. Most of them are food-related, but I have also jewelry and DIY boards which will interest you:

Beautiful Jewelry – contains pics of some of my favorites jewelry online

Jewelry Tutorials – tutorials of jewelry pieces which are interesting – especially wire wrapping

Crocheting – crocheting stuff, mainly tutorials of interesting crochet stitches

DIY/Crafts – all sort of DIY and other crafts stuff

So what are you waiting for? Join Pinterest or follow me, and have fun!

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