Photoshop tutorial: White background in jewelry photos

Today I have something really special …

I finally learned how to properly change the background of my jewelry photos to complete white. Not gray, not off-white. White. Totally white. And the jewelry stays the same with its true colors. How about that? …

The process is really simple and fun, it only took me a few minutes to change my Turqouise Ball Earrings photo:


Before and after - changing background to white
Before and after - changing background to white

I broke the process into a few simple steps and added screenshot to make it more visible. I’m using Photoshop CS, but I guess this will work with any version of Photoshop.

First I did the basic thing – using the Magic Wand tool, I selected the background. Small “pebbles” left in the background were added with the Shift + Rectangular Marquee selection. I unselected the chain area because I wanted to give that area a special treatment. After everything is selected, I made sure that the selection feather is 4 pixels.

Background selection
Background selection

Then I pressed delete (don’t forget to set your background color to white first …) to get a clean white background 🙂

Background deleted
Background deleted

Now is the interesting part, where I zoom in on the chain. I used a “quick mask” to color and select the chain. Just press ‘q’ to enter Quick Mask mode, then using the Brush tool with the correct width, I colored the chain and some of upper beads, just to make sure I don’t erase them. Pressing ‘q’ again exited the Mask mode and selected all the red area that I painted. Neat, huh?

Chain selection
Chain selection

Now using the eraser tool, I can quickly erase all the background around the chain, leaving a nice clean chain with white background.

First chain done
First chain done

One chain down, one to go …

Now I do the exact same procedure on the second chain, and voila! I have a great looking photo with clean sharp white background 🙂

White background
White background

I hope you learned a new trick with this tutorial, or at least had fun reading it 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Photoshop tutorial: White background in jewelry photos”

  1. I’ve never used photoshop but it looks like you have it figured out. =D I actually have started using Aviary now that Picnik is gone and wow have I got a lot to learn. =D

    Thanks for the Tute!

    Tina ‘the book lady’

  2. what a great tutorial, Roni! I used to used Picnik and Photoscape but now I use Picmonkey. I have tried using photoshop before but is seemed to complicated to me but now, with this tutorial I will definitely try again.

    1. Hi Lelanie
      Photoshop seems overwhelming with all its options, but once you learn about the tools (slowly, one by one) – you can have great results!
      I love the “Background eraser” tool and the “Dodge” tool right now 🙂

    1. Hey Paula,
      I tried to build a home made photobox, but haven’t actually used it yet … I’m sure it will make my photos look better

  3. Hi Roni, thankyou so much for this, I would like to ask you what version of photoshop are you using? 😀

  4. hi. thnx for your easy tutorial. however, i cannot delete shadow that comes around the jewelery. When i use the earaser my hand accidently erases part of the design.how do i select part of the design and then erase. can i have your email id so i can email you my picture. the tutoria is very confusing.your explanation is very clear and easy. thnx!

    1. when you use the quick mask mode (via ‘q’) you can use the black brush to mark items you want to select, and use the white brush (or eraser) to unmark areas (so you can unselect them). Just play with the brushes and don’t leave quick mask mode until you selected just you want

  5. Hi can you help me please… Photoshop tutorial: which websites do White or designer background in jewelry photos. Can you tell me how to find in google and also how to used or also if you liked to send me the website on my mail ? Please help me

  6. Hello, Roni. Thank u for your helpful tips. I got very frustrated with my photo-editing before I saw your tutorial. Now I clear it up but still confuse with the “unselect the chain part with the Shift + Rectangular Marquee selection”. Could you elaborate how to do that? Thank u so much.

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