Product review: Flexi hair clip

Lilla Rose is a company which has a wonderful product called the “Flexi hair clip”. It’s a hair clip which is very easy to use and has some flexibility to it. It comes in different sizes so you can match the size you need according to your hair type, length, and the hair-do you’re interested in. They have a special page and a video for describing the different sizes and their usages.
I was so happy to have Lilla Rose as one of my sponsors in the recent Fall Fashionista giveaway event, and even more happy to receive my own Flexi hair clip to review it here on this blog! I chose Medium size , since I have thick long hair and my preferred hair-do is a twist (wrapping all hair to a bundle). Up to now I never found a hair clip that will handle this twist, and most hair clips usually have to be opened and set again during the day a few times. They don’t hold all the hair together.

Freestyle Princess Tiara Flexi hair clip
Freestyle Princess Tiara Flexi hair clip

However, with the Flexi hair clip the twist held strong throughout the day, with no need to rearrange it! It was so easy to use and gave such good looking results, I got many compliments on it. The clip I received is the Freestyle Princess Tiara clip, which is beautiful with its shiny colorful beads. I will also buy myself a Small size for my half-ups. Can’t wait!
I recommend this clip to all of you who are struggling with hair clips. Great invention!

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13 thoughts on “Product review: Flexi hair clip”

  1. So pretty! I didn’t know that they made them in different sizes… good to know. I have very fine, straight hair that slips out of things easily, but I have a lot of it so I have a hard time holding it in clips and barrettes. Maybe I’ll give one of these a try sometime.

  2. The one you have is so pretty! I have long, thick hair so it’s great that these come in different sizes. I’ve been hearing such great things about these, I need to try one!

  3. I have been hearing so much about this company lately. I am going to have to check it out for myself. I also have long thick hair and put it up in a bun often but it always falls down within a few hours. This could very well be the solution I am looking for.

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