Handmade with Love blog giveaway – seeking sponsors

The Handmade with Love Winter Giveaway hosted by Simply Stacie is coming February 2nd to 6th and I am looking for sponsors! Plus, every sponsor will get their own feature interview post!The giveaway theme is handmade. I am currently looking for companies who wish to sponsor my blog giveaway for this event with a handmade prize …


January birthstone – Garnet

january birthstone

January Birthstone : GarnetBirthstone Color: Deep Red One glance at the deep red seeds nestled inside of a pomegranate fruit explains why the word “garnet” comes from the Latin word “granatus,” meaning “grain” or “seed.”  This name was given to the garnet because of its close resemblance to the succulent pomegranate seed.  But don’t bite …