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My first review – with Arosha

Welcome Arosha to my blog! I’m excited to have you as my first featured artist!
You have so many unique and different jewelry – what’s your inspiration when you think of a new design?
My inspiration sources are extremely varied. Iā€™m a very intuitive creator, and I am fascinated by nature, geometrical shapes, mythological stories, the materials themselves and abstract ideas. My work as a sculptor has big influence on the way I work and model the material. 

My favorite line is the “Plastic with a Twist” (pictured above). The bracelets are very unique, not like anything seen before. Between plastic, silver and gold – what’s your favorite material?
Why choose? I love them all.. Each material has different characteristics and personality. I always strive to develop and work in directions I’ve not taken before ā€“ that is the essence of creativity.
What is your best selling item? Is that also your personal favorite item?
I have several top sellers. The items (ring, pendant and earrings) from my @ collection have sold well since they were introduced a year ago, and they continue to appear in numerous blogs and magazines (with recent appearance on mashable.com!
My rings are all selling well, but the two most popular ones are the Anubis ring (pictured above) and the Isis ring, in both sterling silver and gold.
My personal favorite? I will have to repeat myself ā€“ why choose?.. I enjoy the most to create rings. And here’s ONE of my favorites:

Do you now focus mainly on jewelry? I understand from your website you’re also creating home decor items.
I mostly focus on jewelry at this time, but at the same time I’m also creating artwork and always wishing I had more than 24 hours a day.
And last questionwhat do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I spend almost every free afternoon on the beach, bathing and relaxing. I’m always allocating time to fitness and meditation, and make the effort to eat healthy ā€“ which means I cook a lot (and love it). I’m a great chef, if I can attest without being immodest..
Thank you Arosha for the interview!
Thank you Roni for the opportunity to appear in your blog! Good luck with your new Etsy shop!
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4 thoughts on “My first review – with Arosha”

  1. Thank you so much Roni for the wonderful feature!
    I'm delighted to be the first guest in your new blog – lots of success with your new venture!

  2. Great interview of a great talent, I love his work and I enjoy the "Plastic with a Twist" bracelet that I purchase.
    Roni, I wish you a lot of success with your blog:)

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