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Feature interview – TBeads

I always thought wire wrapping is one of the most amazing crafts, producing gorgeous jewelry. I even tried it once, and saw how hard it was. So when I found Tracey’s Artfire shop (TBeads) I really enjoyed looking through all her wire wrapped jewelry. She creates warm, natural and beautiful jewelry.

My favorite piece from her store is this Red Agate and Silver Spiral Necklace (pictured on the left).

I interviewed Tracey to learn more about her shop. Enjoy!

Tell us a little bit more about yourself …

I have a career in finance by day and get creative on the weekends. I love my job and work for an amazing company, but I have this left brain side of me – I like to create and do something with my hands. I can get lost in a new creation for hours or obsessed with figuring out a new method. I haven’t ever taken any classes, just read books and tried and failed and tried again. I foist untested creations on family members and friends to see how various pieces will stand up to daily life. The stones that I most enjoy working with make me feel connected – it’s amazing to me that a little piece of Africa or China can end up on my finger. 

 Selling online is a joint effort. I am the designer and creator while my talented husband is the photographer. Recently he has also started taking an interest on the business side and has been arranging for our attendance at craftshows. Recently we opened Tbeads on Artfire and have just started to learn all the ins and outs to make it a success. I am hoping to convince him to blog about what he has learned about photography and Photoshop, maybe we could help others with their product pictures – even though we are just learning ourselves.

When did you first start making jewelry? 

I started making jewelry years ago in university as a way to unwind – I have always enjoyed having a creative outlet. I don’t think I have any of those initial pieces, I gave them all away. I didn’t do it when my kids were young – I was afraid they would eat the beads. But now they are old enough to know better (mostly).

What is your favorite piece of jewelry (that you made)?  

I made a Labradorite and Brass pendant (picture on the right). I love the way the flow of the brass spirals highlight the design that is in the bead itself. The pendant and chain combine a feeling of elegance with a feeling of fun.

What’s your favorite material/technique to work with?

Its stone and wire for me. Over the last couple of years I have tried all kinds of different types of beads – crystal, glass, porcelain, metal – as a sense of my own style emerged. While I will continue to use these, they are likely to be compliments to stone, not the main elements. I enjoy working with brass and copper as they are wonderful for wire wrapping and provide a compliment to the kinds of stone that I like best – agate and jasper and lapis lazuli.
What do you like/dislike about selling jewelry online?

I love to interact with the other sellers and learn from them. I really enjoy seeing the other creations – I am so amazed at the things people can make by hand and it’s an honour to be there beside them. Of course the most difficult thing is waiting for sales – but I am keeping busy in the meantime.

Any tips for new artisans just starting to sell online?

Take great pictures and seek feedback.

How can people contact you?

My Artfire shop: TBeads

Any last words for our readers?
Creating is the essence of life. (Julius Caesar)

Thank you Tracey, it was a pleasure to feature your work!
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