Product review: Ali Grace Fashions rose ring

Ali Grace Fashions is a wonderful sponsor in my recent jewelry giveaways events. Not only is Ali a great person to work (and email) with, but her jewelry is beautiful. Almost all her jewelry includes a rose – whether it’s in a ring, an earring or a bracelet. I was lucky to receive a lavender rose ring for this product review.

Lavender Rose Ring - Ali Grace
Lavender Rose Ring – Ali Grace

I just love my ring, which came nicely packaged as a gift. The shiny silver band is adjustable and so “one size fits all”, and it really fit my finger perfectly. The ring is very light and adds a touch of vintage romance when I wear it. See how it goes well with my wedding ring? …

Lavender Rose Ring - Ali Grace
Lavender Rose Ring – Ali Grace

It’s very feminine, which is something I can say for all of Ali’s jewelry.

I love wearing my lavender rose ring, I hope you will too!

Check out Ali Grace Fashions on Etsy for all her gorgeous jewelry.

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30 thoughts on “Product review: Ali Grace Fashions rose ring”

  1. My wife used to fall in love with this ring until she lost it two years ago. Since then, we have been searching everywhere to see how we can get it again. I’m glad I came across this today and Grace is also going to be happy. However, the post seems a bit old. Do you know how I can still get this ring TODAY?

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