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Touching up your photos using Photoshop

I decided to spare some time and touch up my jewelry photos a bit. I played around with Photoshop’s healing brush, levels and color replacement tool, and the results were pretty cool!

I used the levels histogram to lighten up the background and make it white.
Then I used the color replacement tool to remove any lighting problems – bluish background, orange lighting etc.
And then the color replacement tool to remove small defects in the image – for example, if I took a picture of a pair of earrings hung on a string, I could remove the string from the image and have the earrings hang in mid air …

Here are some examples of the “before” and “after” images. What do you think?

And in this pair, I love how the orange lighting became neutral light gray …
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4 thoughts on “Touching up your photos using Photoshop”

  1. It is nice to see the difference after the touch-ups..
    But my eye was caught on that first piece of Jewellery quite stunning.


  2. I just got Photoshop yesterday and I was excited to see the difference in the pictures – gotta go get started!

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