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Blog Bash sponsor spotlight: Krishenka

Today’s feature review is with Chrissie from Krishenka on Etsy. Chrissie makes vintage French buttons, decorative textiles and other objects handpicked from the flea markets and fairs of southern France. Her vintage creations are very unique, and I was happy when she joined me in the “Blog Bash 2011” giveaway event I’m hosting this week.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself …
My Name is Krishenka aka Chrissie. I became Krishenka when a penfriend from Czcech wrote to  me as Krishenka (it  literally means Christine) and I fell in love with the nameJ..

When did you first start making vintage items?
I guess I have been making vintage since about 5 or 6, my dad made me a wooden cut-out doll shape and I used to read a comic called “The Bunty, each week Bunty went travelling and had several items of clothing. I would cut them out and after finding scraps from my mum’s sewing box would sit and hand stitch Bunty’s outfits and model them on my wooden dolls, I must have had 30 or more dolls and so wish I still had them or even a picture but alas not.
What is your favorite creation (that you made)?

I really don’t have a favourite creation but if I had to choose one it would be the Vintage Button Bracelet Blue Medley (picture on the right).

How/where do you find the materials to work with?
I find everything I need regarding vintage materials and buttons at vide greniers (car boot sales) or charity shops. Occasional I buy vintage buttons on line but there seems to be a great supply here on my doorstep, my friends and family are always on the look- out for unusual buttons for me and  just last week my son in law found some beautiful black jet buttons (note to self to use them soon)!

What do you like/dislike about selling online?
I love selling on line and I am in my third year with Etsy now and love it. I think for me my biggest dislike is that you can’t touch feel or try the items you are buying, so you heavily rely on feedback from others or yes I am going to say it great photos.  I look back on my first sales and the pictures were not great but with practice and patience you can do it.

Any tips for new artisans just starting to sell online?
My advice would for any one starting to sell on line would be regardless of what you are selling to have great pictures (I know this always comes up) description of item size, weight, colour and use metric and imperial measurements, you will find over a period that you develop your own style in writing, if there are slight flaws always mention them (occasionally I will find a beautiful button but the back is tarnished, although never seen I always mention it). Also use all the resources available for networking and marketing your product.

How can people contact you?
I am on Twitter as Guess?  http://twitter.com/#!/Krishenka
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/Krishenka/
Last words for our readers?
For me the day that I stop having fun doing what I am doing, then I will give up.
Thank you Chrissie, it was a pleasure to feature your work!
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  1. I left a message earlier but it somehow evaporated so here it is again. Thank you so much for featuring me, this is my very first one and looking forward to the blog bash. hugs from France.

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