“Go international !” giveaway event – signup [CLOSED]

After I wrote my previous post about international giveaways, I thought one way to promote this idea is to have a giveaway event where all prizes are open worldwide for international readers. No “US only” or “Canada only”. Only open worldwide. From the responses I got from my readers, I believe this event will be popular.

The event will take place on October 1-10, 2011.

The requirements:

  • Get your own sponsor or sponsor it yourself …
  • Giveaway should be opened WW, winner shouldn’t pay for any shipping costs
  • No adult material
  • Giveaway item can be anything – jewelry, clothing, books, gift certificates – whatever you want
  • Minimum prize of $25 (can be a prize pack)

I created a nice banner for the event, you can use it for your blogger. PLEASE: don’t link directly to my server, but save the image and upload it to your own (or use some service like tinyPic):

Go international! giveaway event
Go international! giveaway event

If you’re interested in joining, please fill out the form below:


Hope to see many of you “go international!” …

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8 thoughts on ““Go international !” giveaway event – signup [CLOSED]”

  1. This is really wonderful, thanks so much Roni! Lots of hugs from an international reader here!


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